Sharpen your Google searches with Boolster.

Stop searching, start finding.


Quickly find your search terms

How often do you search for something in Google and when you click on a result you can't find the terms? Boolster remembers your search terms and highlights them on the results page. And it uses a different color for each search term.


Mark sites as good or bad

Does it happen to you that you know you have seen something but cannot find it again? Or you open a page from the Google result page that you visited before but doesn't contain useful information? With Boolster you can mark sites as good or bad.

Rate sites on the Google page:

Or rate them on the results page:

Whenever those sites appear again on a Google page (also when searching with other terms) you will see them marked like this:


Find your liked sites when searching

While Google searches your search terms on pages in the web Boolster in parallel searches in the content of your liked sites.

Under the tab Search results appear those of your liked sites that contain at least one of your search terms.

By clicking the search trems next to the you can execute this search in Google.

At the bottom of each entry you can add a personal comment, see when you marked this result, and by clicking the remove the bookmark.

Unter the Thumbed-up tab you find all your liked sites including those that don't match your search.


See Boolster in action

Watch this video to see how Boolster can make your searching life easier:


Get Boolster

Boolster is free and comes without ads so you can focus on your work while searching. It is currently available for the Google Chrome Browser.


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